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Fred the Owl

The room never cooled down so after a very hot night with little to no sleep I called
the front desk to have someone come look at the AC. While RL and I waited for the
maintenance guy to come to the room Sarah and Leyla went down stairs to buy their
wonderful sweet moms some Starbucks coffee. The first guy who came to the room
took one look at the AC and offered us a change of room. It was a nice offer, but
frustrating since we all had already unpacked everything and organized all the costumes
and makeup. We agreed to move rooms only if we would be upgraded to a nicer room
otherwise we would wait for them to fix the AC. The maintenance guy went back
downstairs to see about an upgraded room and said he would let us know in a few

Shortly after he left the girls were back with our yummy coffee. We would have made
coffee from  the coffee maker in our room but I think housekeeping forgot to ever
clean the coffee maker out because the water was yellow and smelly. The good news is
that at least I could use the creamers for my StarbucksI opened a creamer to poor it
in my coffee but instead of a smooth white fluffy cream I got chucks of curdled milk
My yummy coffee was now brown cottage cheesy, the room was hot, and I was feeling
like the day was not starting off the way we had hoped. When the girls told us that the
maintenance guy wasn’t looking into getting us another room but was instead standing
around talking to the Starbucks girl I just about lost it!!!

Instead, I called the front desk and asked to speak to a manger and after a few minutes
of polite but direct conversation he agreed to change our room for us right away and
included two free breakfast tickets as compensation. By the time we got in the new
room it was 10am and the girls were starving. The girls joined their friends downstairs
for breakfast while RL and I once again unpacked the room. I HATE to complain but
enough is enough and at this point we did not benefit by coming up Thursday rather
than Friday. We were not at all rested and were unpacking when the rest of the team
was checking in and eating breakfast together. The new room was not an upgrade
but the AC was working great!! At that point I allowed the AC to cool my temper and
decided to make the best of the situation for the rest of the day. Besides, my lovely
Leyla went back to Starbucks and explained what happened to my coffee and
they were nice enough to give her a new one…so
 I finally had both AC and coffee; the day was looking better already.

We arrived downstairs and joined the other dance force 1 moms. We all hung out while
the girls were playing on computers and being kids. Then we took the Hotel shuttle to
go explore Albuquerque and grab a bite to eat. The shuttle guy must have partied hard
the prior night because he almost hit a parked car on the way out of the hotel. He was a
very nice guy but every time you would ask him a question he would slam on his brakes
to avoid hitting a car in front of him. At first it was funny and we all laughed but after
the second time coming close to hitting a car we all agreed to not ask him any more
questions until we arrived to our destination safely.

One of the girls on the dance team, Allison, loves owls and has a wooden owl named
Fred that she keeps around her all the time for good luck. What is funny-odd about this
story is that Allison was playing around with one of the other girls while on the shuttle
and started telling her “fortune”. After a few minutes of “fortune teller theatrics” she
suddenly went quite and in a long drawn out whisper summed up the fortune telling
with the word “Biirrdd”. As all the girls were still in their quiet suspense filled state
Leyla happened to glance under one of the shuttle seats and saw a small wooden owl.
She promptly pointed and started screaming “Allison look it an OWL! ” It was Fred.
Allison had dropped him during the early morning shuttle ride to from the Airport and
never knew he was missing. Fortune came true…. Then in serendipitous fashion, the
restaurant where the shuttle dropped us off was across from “Bird Land” pet store,
which was close to the store where Allison originally saved Fred from the anonymity of
a souvenir shop shelf and to top it all off as we got off the shuttle I happened to look up
and guess what was in almost every tree in the area….you guessed it… OWLS!! Turns
out that almost every tree in the area had wooden owls on their branches ….Bizarre turn
to the day and it was just lunch….


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